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Ecclesiastes By Solomon

One of the great difficulties facing Christians today in their efforts to share their faith is that non-believers often don't see their need for God. They have money, a degree of power and influence, and access to the "easy life." So, why do they need God?!

The answer, of course, is that, without God, their lives are ultimately insignificant and meaningless - the message of the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes.


The main text of EcclesiastesBySolomon is the actual text of the Biblical book of Ecclesiastes in the New International Version, printed without chapter or verse numbers. Mr. Sarris wrote a brief Foreword to explain why the book is so relevant for people today, and a slightly longer Afterword to outline the basic message of the book. The cover design and layout are simple, yet sophisticated so that people will find it attractive and actually want to read it.

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"The Ecclesiastes book has been a tremendous help for our ministry. It is the perfect piece to give to successful executives here in New York. It is straightforward and attractively designed and the material is relevant to the predominate issue that many non-believers wrestle with - emptiness. We plan on using the book for many of our outreach events. Thanks for putting it together."
-- David O. Smith, Managing Director, Priority Associates, New York

". . . let me tell you what I'm thinking and feeling as a result of reading that little book. . . . Ecclesiastes seems, at first sight, like a child's book of verse. You know, quaintly picturesque, entirely safe, surely too small to do any harm. Fortunately, awake to your possible intent, I'm alert when I crack it open. To begin with, there's not a single picture, quaint or otherwise, and, commencing with the first five words, the book is an adult's arsenal of cannon blasts fired at point-blank range."
-- 70 year old atheist

"Thank you so much for the books! You have no idea how timely our meeting was on the train. My partner, Paul, who you met, accepted the Lord just 2 months ago. He read the book that night and said with joy and regret that he should have read it last year before he committed his life to $$$$$$. God has allowed a difficult past year but I am confident He will now move us into a time of restitution."
-- Businessman

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